Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Printsake™ and Journey Stone™ products

How Do You Manage To Make A Good Impression?

We have many years of experience printing thousands of hands and feet. Besides purchasing a lasting keepsake of your child, an important part of what you're paying for is the mess-free, non-toxic material and instruction on how to get a good impression. We make the process easy by providing a soft and re-doable impression material, easy to read instructions and a video if you need extra help (if ordering online).

How Durable Are The Journey Stones™ and Printsakes™?

Because the Printsakes are made of quality kiln-fired ceramic, they are far more durable than the plaster of paris plaques or air-dried clay kits. Treat them with care as you would your ceramic dinner plates.  For extra protection they can be displayed in a shadow box or displayed in a plate stand on a shelf.

Journey Stones™ can be displayed indoors or out.  If displayed outdoors, it is best to bring them indoors during freezing weather.  Planting instructions are included with your order if you place them in the ground.

Can I use my child's ink prints from their birth certificate to order a keepsake?

Yes, you can.  We can use ink prints you take of your child at home, or the prints that the hospital obtained when your child was born.  To send us your prints, send a quality scan via Email or you can mail a photocopy of the prints.  (We will correct any imperfections.)  We also provide print extraction from old plaster of paris molds or other impression memories to create lasting Printsake and Journey Stones with any impression.

How Long Does It Take?

Once you place your order, it takes about 6 weeks to create custom Printsakes and Journey Stones once we receive the impressions.  We can accomodate rush order requests for an additional charge of $25 per item.  Turn around time for a rush order request is usually 2-4 weeks depending on the artists production schedule and time of year.

Is There An Age Limit?

There is no age limit, we can print and create keepsakes for newborns, adults and even pets.

When Do I Pay For The Print?

Your payment is due at the time of ordering. We accept credit cards, cash and check.

How do I purchase a Gift Certificate?

Gift certificates are available online and make a great gift for any occasion. You may purchase any amount you wish. Visit our online store to purchase.

How Do I Attach A Photo to the Printsake?

When you receive your finished Printsake™, just tape your favorite photo on the back so that it shows through the cut-out. Your photo is not needed at the time of printing. Depending on product design, our photo cut-outs accommodate a 2," 4” wallet, or 4 x 6 size photo.

Other Questions?  Please Email us.