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I just wanted to let you know we picked up the 3 stones. They are BEAUTIFUL!!! They far exceeded my expectation and had my mother-in-law in tears. I can't tell you enough how special your creations are and how they really touch people. Thank you so much for all of your hard work & creativity. You do great work!  I'm thinking this should be something we do every year to track the boys growth progress.  How cool would it be to have a whole pathway of handprints & footprints of our boys to walk down when we're older!
--Ellen/Seattle, WA

I just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on the Journey Stone. It is so beautiful. My husband was nearly moved to tears when he saw it.  Thank you so much.
 --Melissa / New York

Thank you so much for the fast and friendly service!  You were right, the impression kit was easy to use and no problem at all getting my two year old and six year old children's handprints.  My mother absolutely loved the Printsakes.  I will be in contact soon to order more.
--Andrea/Phoenix, AZ

I want to thank you for all your prompt responses and the timely delivery. Unfortunately I have experienced many business owners lately that don't understand the concept of "time" and customer service. You however having been a refreshing person/business to work with and I want you to know how much I REALLY appreciate it!
 --Amanda/Issaquah, WA

I LOVE the stone.  Nana was so pleasantly surprised, she was in tears when she opened it.  Thank you so much!
-- Marti/Redmond, WA
I've been meaning to send you a note forever!  Ashton's hand prints were a huge success at Christmas.  Everybody loved them.  I cherish my plaque as well.  Thanks again for your fine talent and craftmanship!
 --Jennifer/Seattle, WA

I would love to do a Journey Stone for my son now that he just turned two.  He's only been with us for two years and I can't remember what life was like without him.  I completely forgot to get it done during the first sleepless, blurry eyed months of his life and now is the time.  I treasure all the ones we have of Aubrey's hands and feet.  I planted a butterfly garden this summer and two of the stones have a very prominent place in it.
--Jamie/ Denver, CO